Our service is a turnkey approach, easy to manage and will provide you with substantial savings. You will also be able to link your on-site collection with your Intranet for easy diffusion.

"... Bibliaff is greatly appreciated by our employees. Every month we anxiously wait to see new arrivals. Titles presented are always relevant and up-to-date."

Stéphane Zummo
Centre de recherche et de documentation
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  • Access to a wide range of topics and titles
  • Access to a growing and relevant business book collection
  • Easy book circulation management
  • Adapted presentation to your actual needs
  • Possibility to make special requests as needed
  • Possibility to put more emphasis on specific topics
  • Excellent support for your training activities or your collection development
  • Service reaching everyone within the organization
  • No book acquisitions
  • No dormant inventory
  • No cataloguing activity
  • Reducing your acquisition costs
  • Better overall cost control on book purchases