Our services are accessible throughout Canada. We have customers from Halifax to Vancouver, Montréal to Toronto and all major cities across the country. Our expertise allows us to provide you with the same level of service wherever you are located.

Whether you are a specialized library, a documentation centre, or a corporate library, our lending library service is an exciting way to complement your activities while saving you a lot of money without impacting on your acquisition budget. Once again your colleagues will be excited to see an extended offering which is constantly renewed.

"... Bibliaff is greatly appreciated by our employees. Every month we anxiously wait to see new arrivals. Titles presented are always relevant and up-to-date."

Stéphane Zummo
Centre de recherche et de documentation
Amélioration, technologies et gestion du savoir
Cirque du Soleil

And for you managers involved with human resources, training, organizational development, talent management, what about providing a library to your employees for them to improve their skills! Bibliaff Inc. offers you the perfect turnkey solution. Everything is on-site for the benefit of your employees.